my cousin’s road to wed, part 3: the engagement session ~ downtown san diego, ca

i can’t believe i am posting yet another installment to my cousin’s road to wed series.  it seems that even just being someone documenting their engagement, time flies by quickly.

however, this time i was able to watch and learn from seasoned professionals and friends, jeannette and stan liu of trailbrook photography, direct and shoot their engagement session.  i know you might assume it was all fun and friendly since we all go waaaay back, which it was, but i didn’t want to take this rare opportunity for granted.  it’s not every day (or at all) that photographers of this caliber let you in on their world of how they orchestrate a session.  so i was all ears and eyes (and hands and feet!) for this project. almost like i didn’t know who was in front of the camera!

but i did know who was in front of the camera…and they were too cute!  i might be biased, but they were what you would think giddy, newly engaged couples would be like around each other…flirty eyes, cute smiles and that tendency to wanna keep your hands on each other at all times!  or was that all due to my suggestion of going to have a little something to drink beforehand?!  well, whatever it was, it worked…at least for them!

here are a few of my favorite behind-the-scenes shots…enjoy!

and here are the beautifully finished images by trailbrook photography.

rochelle & marvill ~ thank you so much for letting me tag along your engagement session.  i am so excited to welcome marvill into our family (and for the lifetime tickets to the gun show!) xo

jeannette & stan ~ thank you both so very much for taking the time to bring me along, teach and share how you do things.  your generosity and openness go beyond what i could ever pay you in thanks.  i am very lucky.

One comment on “my cousin’s road to wed, part 3: the engagement session ~ downtown san diego, ca

  1. Lis says:

    Oh the GUN show…Marvill will never live that down! I love that you are doing this for Rochelle and Marvill! On a side note…Rochelle it’s hard to see you NOT smiling {picture #3 above} it’s just not the same without your smile! Love you guys! xoxo

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